"I really appreciate all the services!"
 Reviews for Safe and Reliable/ S&R Living from our patients 
The company was very professional and concerned about me! I was able to get my blood work. The nurse was on time,they was very helpful and was just as concerned as my doctor is! 
-Mr. Thomas Tilly
The mobile doctor was on time and answered the questions that I had. The visit was quick and the doctor was very professional! The nurse was on time and paid attention to my needs and now I am being nursed to better health! She asked me all kinds of questions about my health and needs! 
-Mr. Raymond Steffens
The mobile doctor and the assistant were on time. They included my family members with my moms assessment and asked a lot of questions about my health. The doctor even called a day before to confirm the appointment! The nurse called the same day to remind us of the appointment we had. My health issues were addressed and they showed concern for me! They were excellent!
-Ms. Birthene Coreen
The services are great! I got them for my wife, but when that nurse comes out she make sure that I'm in good health too!
-Mr. Donald Ulaszek
When I was visited by Dr. Miller, he was very respectable and carried a nice conversation with me. He gave me a complete physical,checked all my medications and was very concerned about my health. Ms. Fatina, the phlebotomist, took urine and blood tests when she came out and was very friendly. Ms. Becky, the nurse, was on time and very concerned about my health. She asked me how I was doing, took my blood pressure and checked my medications too. She even told me that someone will come out to help me take a shower. The RN Elvin came out and was so nice! He helped me wash up and get dressed. I really appreciate all the services!
-Mr. Shams Ashar

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